RED FM’s 15th Anniversary $5000 Giveaway contest

Wow! 15 Years! A big thank you to all our listeners and advertisers who have supported us and helped us reach this amazing milestone!

Without you we would not be celebrating this achievement and to show our appreciation RED FM is celebrating Anniversary week by giving away $5000

Each weekday from Jan.18th-22nd one lucky listener will win $1000 daily.


By playing True or False.

Whenever you hear the cue to call be the 9th caller through and the RED FM host will ask you a true or false questions about the past 15 years. The number of correct answers you get right in 30 seconds will determine how many entries you will get into the daily $1000 draw.


$1000 Draw Winners

Full Contest Rules

  1. No Purchase Necessary
  2. Contest is open to all persons residing in British Columbia who have reached the age of Majority (19)
  3. The Cue to call will be played at random times throughout the day from Jan. 18th-Jan. 22nd
  4. The eligible 9th caller through will play “True or False”
  5. The amount of correct answers will determine how many times the 9th callers name will go into the grand prize draw.
  6. There will be a total of five daily $1000 winners from Jan.18th-Jan 22nd.
  7. Value of Prize: $1000
  8. All entries submitted will be put into a draw box and host will randomly choose winners
  9. Prizes are not negotiable
  10. Only one person per household can be in the grand prize draw once during the duration of the contest. If found registering more than once during contest will result in having their name disqualified.
  11. Grand Prize winner can only win one prize every 60 days
  12. Red FM reserves the right to use contestant’s names, images and recorded media in any format for our own purposes indefinitely.
  13. Red FM is not responsible for any technical problems incurred during the course of the contest by the contestant, Red FM, sponsors or any participants.
  14. Contest rules may be subject to change at any time exclusively by Red FM.