Why Gangs?

The issue of gangs is not limited to the South Asian community, but it’s also concerning that South Asian youngsters are getting more attracted to the gang lifestyle. Are parents to be blamed? What role does the system and law enforcement agency play? Are there enough in-language resources available? An effort to find answers to these pressing questions in a special RED FM series “Why Gangs” every Thursday in The Evening Show with Harpreet Singh.

Episode 6

Initiatives to keep kids away form criminal life
Kal Dosanjh joins Harpreet Singh in series-“Why Gangs?” to talk about resources available for gang prevention.

Episode 5

Are schools well aware of readily available drugs in school premises and still doing nothing about it?
Harpreet Singh brings this assertion by parents across Rob Rai, Director of School & Community Connections for the Surrey School District and Gurpreet Thind, School Trustee as they discuss schools’ prevention and education efforts in the light of gang affiliated youth.

Episode 4

Pull factors that draw youth into gangs.
Know the first sign that your child is at-risk of going in for gangs from Gira Bhatt, a Psychology Professor at KPU, in conversation with Harpreet Singh. 

Episode 3

Myths and Realities of Gang-life.
“Gang-life is nothing like you imagine”, says reformed gangster, Shenan Charanai. Hear from him, how he got himself in-and-out of the gangs.

Episode 2

A father’s struggle of saving his sons from gang life.
With no recourse, Surrey father Gurpreet Toor whose sons are involved in drug trade says, “It’s for the best that his (elder) son is in jail; at least he’s alive.” 

Episode 1

“I could have prevented my son from joining gangs.”
Parent, child, or system-Who’s failing whom? Harpreet Singh talks with a father on how his son got into gangs.