Surrey has new short-term rental requirements 

Surrey Council approved a number of short-term rental bylaw amendments earlier this month. The new provincial legislation and associated municipal bylaw amendments are intended to address the current housing shortage and give local governments stronger tools to enforce short-term rental bylaws. The goal is to return more short-term rental units into the longer-term rental market.  

“By taking these steps, we are proactively creating a more balanced housing market that encourages long-term tenancy and provides greater access to stable housing options,” said Mayor Brenda Locke. “We are committed to increasing affordable housing options by taking action wherever possible to support our growing population.”  

These amendments align with the Short-Term Rental Accommodations Act, which the Province approved in October 2023, and the Short-term Rental Policy the City endorsed on April 8, 2024, as part of Corporate Report R066.  

“With current housing challenges, it’s important to us to put measures in place that increase housing supply in our city,” said Councillor Pardeep Kooner, Chair of the Livability and Social Equity Committee. “This proactive approach not only benefits residents seeking secure housing, but also enhances the safety and well-being of visitors and users of short-term rentals thanks to increased oversight and accountability.” 

As of May 1, 2024, the Province requires that short-term rentals: 

  • Be limited to the host’s principal residence plus one secondary suite or accessory dwelling unit on the same property; and  
  • Display valid business licences in their listings.  

In addition, the City, drawing on guidance from the Province: 

  • Will limit short-term rental stays to less than 90 consecutive days for each patron (excludes bed and breakfast, boarding and lodging and tourist accommodation); 
  • Will require that the host be the owner and not a tenant; and 
  • Will permit short-term rentals in residential, mixed-use and agricultural zones. 

For more information on short-term rentals in Surrey, visit our website.