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RED FM’s 13th Anniversary

RED FM is celebrating their 13th Anniversary Jan. 23rd and you could win up to $1000.

Every hour from 10am-7pm we are going to test how well you know our RED FM hosts voices.

When you hear the cue to call be the first five callers though at 604-591-9311.

We will then play a clip of 3 different RED FM hosts wishing RED FM a Happy Anniversary.

Identify all three hosts and you will win $100 … but if no one identifies the voices correctly that $100 will move forward to the next hour. If no one’s guesses the voices correctly all day the last person could win $1000.

Specific Contest Rules:

  1. The RED FM Anniversary Contest will only be played on Wednesday January 23rd
  2. When contestants hear the cue to call they will call the on-air number (604-591-9311)
  3. Only the first five callers through will play and have a chance to guess the voices of the hosts.
  4. If a correct answer is given within the first five callers they will win $100. If the correct answer is not given the $100 will move forward to the next hour.
  5. During the last hour of the contest the host will take callers until the total prize amount is won.
  6. You can only be one of the first five callers to make a guess once during the contest on January 23rd Those found making a guess more than once will be disqualified.
  7. RED FM the right to use the contestant’s names, images and recorded media in any format of RED FM’s promotional purposes indefinitely.
  8. The Grand Prizes must be claimed before Feb.15th The Grand Prize winner must come in person and present their government issued photo ID claim the prize.

In addition to these Specific Contest Rules, the RED FM Christmas Contest is also governed by the General Contest Rules, which are located at https://vancouver.redfm.ca/general-rules-and-regulations/.  Please review the General Contest Rules closely.