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Reality Check: The Gang and Drug Situation in Surrey with Investigative Reporter Ish Sharma

Gangs and drugs are thriving in Surrey. As such, this parallel universe is attracting and consuming our youth. Surrey’s focus seems to be on how to keep the at-risk youth away from this crime universe, however, crime continues to thrive and not much is evident through results on reducing the footprint of this crime universe in Surrey.

RED FM is undertaking a 3 months initiative to do a reality check of the solutions undertaken till now by the various responsible offices. This initiative will draw attention, and create conversations on the real factors that are failing our youth.

As we carry out this systematic inquiry to discover and examine the facts, we will also seek solutions from experts and share them with our listeners and other elected officials.

Contact info

Phone – 604-598-9312 to leave a tip or email – Ish@redfm.ca

08/03 Karen Reid Sidhu


Karen Reid Sidhu is the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Society in Surrey. I interviewed her regarding what the Surrey Crime Prevention Society does. She elaborated on the role and function of the organization but also spoke about the role of CBSA, police, parents, and politicians.



08/17 Dr. Gira Bhatt


Psychology Professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University who focuses on prevention of youth violence and gang involvement. In her interview she highlights the CURA project that she supervised as part of her research. In this particular project she looked at youth from a positive psychology perspective and identified the factors that separated the youth from non at risk youth.

08/27 Anti Gang Task Force’s Sgt. Jag Khosa discusses the importance of saving families and saving kids


He talks about the importance of the whole community playing a part in making sure that kids and youth don’t head down the path of gang and drugs. In this segment Bill Ford – Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime talks about the opioid crisis and how it is a problem when it comes to demand and supply and it’s a national crisis across the country but more so in BC

09/12 I had a chance to discuss my findings with Harjinder Thind on the morning show regarding status of certain cases the information was made available through IHIT


I also had a chance to interview Attorney General David Eby regarding the overdose crisis as it links to gangs and money laundering in lower mainland casinos as well I had a chance to speak to Doug Strachan Communications Manager for the Surrey School District discussed the effectiveness of the Wrap Around Program.

Important numbers to get help:

Surrey RCMP
non emergency – 604-599-0502

Surrey RCMP Parent Helpline

Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) or the anti gang task force

City of Surrey- Mayor and Council

Surrey Crime Prevention Society – Karen Reid Sidhu

Kids Play Foundation

DiverseCity Community Resources Society

Pacific Community Resources Society
Surrey: 604-951-4821
Vancouver: 604-412-7950

Options Community Services Society
Surrey: 604-584 5811 / 604-596-4321

John Volken Academy-Surrey – Drug Addiction Treatment

CBI Health Centre-Rehabilitation
Surrey: 604-572-6262

Last Door Recovery
1-855-838-3055 and family helpline 1-888-525-9771

St Paul’s hospital

Riverview Hospital

More info:

Safe Schools 2018 Program

Community Schools Partnership Summary of Programs and Supports