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Prof. Kashmira Singh On The Harjinder Thind Show

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

In celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Gurpurab, historian Professor Kashmira Singh discusses Guruji’s extensive travels in India, around the world and His universal message. Prof. Kashmira explained the crux of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teaching: “Equality of Humans.” Guruji preached against discrimination and prejudices by starting the institution of “Langgar”, where everyone sits together to eat without any distinction.

How to Run a Family Efficiently?

Families are the basis of many relationships – biological, emotional, social, economic and even legal. Each member has differing needs and concerns. As the dynamics of a family unit changes throughout time, holding on tight to traditional views and using a cultural lens to manage families may not be the most effective. Host Harjinder Thind discusses with Prof. Kashmira Singh the ways to run a family efficiently.

Social Laws

Social laws are collective, unwritten set of rules that is shared by a community or a society at large. It does not replace legal regulation put in place by any Government, but rather serves as a guide to the public in handling “some” situations. Harjinder Thind speaks to Professor Kashmira Singh about social laws and how it defines a society.

Self-Made Man

Is there such a thing as a “Self-made man or person”? Whether you agree or not, many people have been labelled such because they have decided to shape their world, rather than be shaped by it. Professor Kashmira Singh discusses the issue with host, Harjinder Thind.

Old age is a time to reflect on life

If you find yourself spending too much time looking into the rearview mirror of life, you are not alone. Research finds that one in three people over the age of 60 will ponder on their past. Tough people can experience some challenges accepting old age. Professor Kashmira Singh shares his thoughts with host, Harjinder Thind.

Family As A Source of Happiness

Happiness means many things to many people. So, who or what gives us happiness? Most of us feel the first place of happiness is our homes or with our families. They are our strength and inspiration. Host, Harjinder Thind speaks to Professor Kashmira Singh on “Family As A Source of Happiness”.


Sufism is a Muslim movement whose followers seek to find divine truth in God’s love. Host, Harjinder Thind speaks to Professor Kashmira Singh about the history and development of Sufism.

Ethical Dilemmas

People encounter ethical dilemmas daily, either at home, workplace or our social surroundings. Mr. Thind speaks to Professor Kashmira Singh on how to handle ethical situations in various settings.