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This Mother’s Day win your mom a gold bracelet in RED FM’s “Mother’s Day Contest”

Listen for the cue to call from May 8th to May 12th and if you are the 5th & 9th caller through your name will be added into the draw BUT you must share a special memory about your mom live on air.

Good luck & Happy Mother’s Day

Sponsored by Kapra Mandi & Sher Atta

Rules & Regulations:

  1. The Contest will begin Monday May 8th to May 12th.
  2. The listener must only call when they hear the cue to call on the on air line 604-591-9311.
  3. The contest will be played randomly throughout the day.
  4. Only the 5th & 9th caller through will have their name entered into the draw.
  5. You may only enter the contest one time.
  6. Prize must be collected at the RED FM studio within 7 days of winning and are nonnegotiable.
  7. The winner must provide government issued photo ID when picking up the prize and bring along their mom or motherly figure to the studio to except the gold bracelet. No exceptions will be made.
  8. RED FM reserves the right to use contestant’s name, images and recorded media in any format for our own purposes indefinitely.
  9. RED FM is not responsible for any technical problems occurred during the course of the contest by the contestant, RED FM, sponsors or any participants.
  10. Mother’s Day Contest rules may be subject to change at any time exclusively by RED FM.
  11. Each person entered into the draw will win a gift basket from Sher Atta.