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Main Squeeze – Delon Om & J-Raj

This summer welcomes the latest single by visionary musician J-Raj. “Main Squeeze” is a dynamic and infectious collaboration with Delon Om and it is the first single on their forthcoming LP. An exciting fusion of Soca, Bollywood, Pop and Dance, eastern elements latch onto Delon Om’s thunderous, yet soothing, voice, creating the quintessential, international chart topper. What differentiates this song from its counterparts is its seamless juxtaposition of English and Hindi, celebrating diversity and multiculturalism.

J-Raj and Delon Om are from Toronto, Canada and have created some festive collaborations before. For example, in 2016, they scored music for the hit documentary entitled “This Is For Toronto”. They then traveled to Jamaica later that year to perform at the 13th Annual Caribbean Hall of Fame Awards with Juno-nominated artist Trinity Chris. In a related vein, J-Raj was the sole producer behind the critically acclaimed Bollywood remix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”- which achieved 700 000+ views on YouTube in less than a week and garnered the attention of CBC radio. Delon Om, on the other hand, was previously signed to Ultra Records and had a hit song on Virgin Radio (99.9FM). He also shared the stage with Ginuwine last year at the Danforth Music Hall.