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‘Ishq Rog’ By Luv Randhawa

Track: Ishq Rog
Singer: Luv Randhawa
Music by: Zain & Luv
Filmed by: Sunny Dhinsey – Filmlore UK (Award winning film maker/videographer)
Label: Luv Music
Release Date: 13.3.19

Luv Randhawa, an artist who was born in the U.K and grew up in Canada has been in the Bhangra scene since 2012.

Luv continues, on this journey that has taken him to a variety of countries and helped him chart new territory.

Luv stands for the aftermath of his cultural experiment distinctly Diverse and entirely world music based. I do,

what I do because, I love it and I am so very passionate and proud about who I am.

Luv’s new release entitled “Rog Ishq” has taken him to Jodhpur, India in Rajasthan.

A Sufi rock Punjabi/Urdu style track slated to release on March 13th 2019.

A song about love, hardships, and integrates the poetic beauty of his culture.

A track that tested Luv’s musical skills in all ways.

Previous Releases

2018 Desire ft Moka Only – English Track
2017 Merry Go Round – Punjabi Hindi
2016 Kichaay Selfie Kudi ft Harj Nagra
2016 This Side of Luv (Album) #1 on iTunes / Google Play
2016 Tohar Vekh Kai ft Bikram Singh #1 iTunes / Google
2015 Dhol Te – #1 on World iTunes / Google Play
2012 Livin’ It Up #1 on World iTunes / Google Play
2008 Signatures (Album)
2002 Yours for the Taking (Album) #1 Video Bhangrai on MTV

Luv Randhawa Social Media

Facebook: https://twitter.com/luvmusiconline

Twitter: https://twitter.com/luvmusiconline

Snapchat: Luvmusiconline

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmjnnZAROct8IBw2Ww-PFOA

Film maker Sunny Dhinsey – https://www.facebook.com/sunny.dhinsey