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Punjabi Takeover

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Fiesta Fridays with The MIB Roadshow | Friday nights 7:30pm-10:30pm

The Mundey In Black have added a touch of ‘red’ to their color selection.

The electrifying duo known to all as the “MiB RoadShow” have officially joined the Red FM team. We are now excited to boast that the party on our Friday night airwaves just a got a bit wilder.

DJ EMENES (emenes) and DJ SUPER SINGH will be in the mix “live”every Friday night during Fiesta Fridays from 730PM to 10PM. Replicating what they do best on the dance floor, get ready to hear a nonstop fusion mashup of Punjabi, Hindi, and English party anthems.

They don’t just press play! These dj’s are plugged in and are on their feet the entire time. Keeping each episode unique and dynamic, they’ll be mixing each song using turntables.

Do you remember these?


Founded by DJ EMENES, the name “Mundey In Black” had instantly exploded in the late 90’s. Since then, DJ EMENES has taken this production house all around the world. At the turn of the millennium, DJ EMENES launched the MiB Roadshow, to date which has rocked over a thousand events. And today, DJ EMENES, alongside with DJ SUPER SINGH, as the MiB Roadshow are proving to be a valuable addition to RED FM team.

If you like what you here on the airwaves, you can bring the party home at anytime. For your listening pleasure, you can download any one of MiB’s 10 minute “Mix & Match” PARTY READY PODCASTS. No need to to shuffle to find individual songs to make a playlist when you can make your own custom playlist of MiB’s PARTY READY PODCASTS.redfm_mib3

Perfect for any event … get togethers, house parties, your drive to work, when you workout, or even if you need music to party out of town, they are available for FREE download off their Soundcloud page.




Let’s welcome our new DJ’s… follow them on their social feeds and send them a message welcoming them to the RED TEAM!!!


Dj Emenes and Dj Super Singh perform together as the electrifying duo known to all as the “MiB RoadShow.” MiB, best known since its inception in the 90’s as “the Mundey in Black,” has become an iconic household name. Pioneers in the South Asian music scene, this team has been recognized by the Museum of Vancouver as being responsible for opening the floodgates for other remix artists on the Canadian West Coast. To date, they continue to be the longest running South Asian DJ Roadshow in Western Canada.



DJ Super Singh, is a skilled DJ and radio host hailing from the Canadian West Coast. Sometimes referred to as the “miniTiesto” by his colleagues, he is an active member of the MiB RoadShow. Demonstrating an explosive style mixing across multigenres, it’s been his ability to read the crowd and energize the many dance floors he continues to rock. His goal is to continue to enrich and strengthen the South Asian music scene.



A simple creative fusion of his initials “M” and “S”, gives you EMENES, a skilled veteran DJ, music producer and radio host from the Canadian West Coast… the founder and active member of MiB (Mundey In Black). Emenes is the proven blend of talent, passion and experience. Recognized by the Museum of Vancouver as being responsible for opening the floodgates to remixes with the release of his debut mix CD “Mundey In Black”, Emenes continues to be a pioneer in fusion music production. Nurturing a wide range of dj styles, Emenes is prisoner to no one genre of music. Having finetuned his skill set to uniquely highlight his South Asian roots, Emenes is all about creating a global fusion through uplifting dance music.