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ASW March Madness

March 10, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
Cloverdale Fairgrounds
6050 176 St
Surrey, BC V3S 4E7


Ladies and gentleman its time once again for some family first entertainment. ASW returns to the ASW ARENA in the heart of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. So make sure you grab a friend,Call your sister, tell your mother and lets all go watch some action packed wrestling!!

International Star and King of Sleeze Joey Ryan will be in action vs El Phantasmo
Controversial sports entertainer Joey Ryan is returning to ASW and he is bringing his Dong Style with him. Last time Joey Ryan was in town he put Kenny Lush in the fight of his life. Not knowing what Ryan is willing to do the fans are intrigued and wanted to see more. El Phantasmo brings a glow in the dark atmosphere. When ELP enters the ring he demands your attention and graciously gains it. With his abilities to entertain the fans and his wrestling skills ELP promises to make you want more. Two styles will clash and some fans will be thrilled!

ASW Trans Canada Title

Mr. India(Champion) vs The Ideal Reflection Christopher Ryseck
Mr. India has told the fans he is a fighting champion. Appearing on several TV shows promoting his KoyaBell system and ASW. The fans appreciate how hard he wrestles for them although at times he is fighting a uphill battle. India seems to walk into a fight that he never starts. Team USA has taken exception with Mr. India being the Champion. Azeem the Dream having been suspended at the last ASW show can no longer face Mr. India. Christopher Ryseck states he will be the guy to bring the ASW Championship to the USA. The fans cheer INDIA INDIA the louder the cheers the harder India fights. Ryseck doesnt care about the fans he is much to pretty to even notice. He says he will be the “Ideal” Champion.

ASW Tag Team Titles

The Border Patrol (Champions)vs Devastation(Pain & Suffering)
Devastation has been busy learning new methods of destruction. To know what Pain and Suffering are thinking is in a realm of its own. Devastation wants to be the team in ASW that everyone is gunning for. The Boarder Patrol has the fans screaming and cheering them on as they enter the ARENA. Having defeating the top teams in several different promotions and maintaining to be ASW Tag Team Champions all the while. Looking out for the greater good The Boarder Patrol is ready to put a end to all this Devastation in ASW!

Wildkard vs Adam Ryder
(If Wildkard loses he must unmask!)
Adam Ryder has been putting his hands on the referees as of late. Ryder is not only a former ASW Cruiserweight and Trans Canada Heavyweight champion but he is much feared by the men and women wearing the refs shirts. Wildkard is a young talented wrestler who was willing to stand up for these Referees. Not trying to bite off more than he can chew Wildkard is ready and willing to fight Ryder and show that these Referees have someone who believes in authority. Ryder demanded that Wildkard puts his mask on the line for such a match. There you have it if Wildkard looses he must unmask.

1st Time ever in ASW

Kenny Lush vs The Ladies Choice
The man with a plan and a golden tan is making his singles debut. The good ol Ladies Choice is ready to shut all you beer swillers mouths with his in ring ability. The 1980’s are ready to rock and roll and the Ladies Choice will go all Night Long! Kenny Lush has had brutal matches with every top star that ASW has brought in. Lush isn’t afraid to get messy and for sure is ready to put on a clinic. Will this match up go from pillar to post or will it be over before the fat lady sings!

ASW Cruiserweight Title

Kobra Kai vs Kellen Raeth
Kellen Raeth has been on hiatus as of late for ASW but is making his return. Kellen has been training hard and winning in and around the Pacific Northwest and would like nothing more than to add bling around his waist. Kobra Kai is the Current and defending ASW Cruiserweight Champion. Defending this title against good guys and bad. Kobra brings his snake charm in the ring each and every time making sure that you the fans have a sensational experience. Can Kellen become the champion or will Kobra maintain his sssssssslithering ways!

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