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Vancouver Persian Radio

Vancouver Persian Radio is a popular 2 hour current affairs program featuring interviews, listener phone-ins, commentary, and entertainment.

redfm_ebby01Ebby Mohseni produced and hosted more than 1000 hours of program at the Vancouver Persian Radio (VPR) – CKYE 93.1 REDFM.

Host Ebby Mohseni reflects community values with his own blend of humour, wisdom and, gaining loyal listeners each week. The program is trusted by listeners as non-political and non-religious. This is a live radio program which respects all faiths and cultures.

Ebby is connected to the Persian community and the mainstream Canadian community through his tireless work on non-profit groups, municipal government groups, event, festivals, and media. He is a respected Persian community leader who wants to bring positive change to the world and to each individual. But he knows his audience wants to be entertained, too!

Ebby has interviewed hundreds of people. Guests have included Jef Keighley, Executive Director, World Peace Forum 2006; Reza Kahlili, Former CIA Operative: Revolutionary Guard of Iran, writer of “A Time To Betray”; Mashallah Abbaszadeh, Former Spoke Person at the Ministry of State IRI – White Torture in Prisons in Iran; Ms. Badri Pezeshkzad, West Vancouver Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) – Introduction to SWIS; Shabnam Rezaei, Producer of the Babak & Friends Series from USA; Jody Johnson, Program Coordinator, Working Solutions for Skilled Immigrants, Douglas College, David Lam Campus.

The program is usually in Farsi with some English. Ebby has regular contacts from listeners in Alberta and other parts of Canada; from Los Angeles and San Jose USA; from The Netherlands and Germany in Europe; and from Iran.

“Your program is the best and everyone loves it because it is friendly, intriguing and exciting.”
Matthew Ebrahimi, B.A. General Accountant,
North Vancouver, June 2008

“You changed my life with your radio interviews and I never miss your radio program.”
Nazanin Jahani, 18 Year Old Student,
Coquitlam, Spring of 2008

Contact Ebby Mohseni at ebby@redfm.ca